New City Of Los Angeles Sick Leave Ordinance

Just when you thought you were getting the hang of California’s July 1, 2015 sick leave law, one year later (effective July 1, 2016) the City of Los Angeles has changed the law again, and made it more difficult for employers.  Here are the differences between the California sick leave law and the City of Los Angeles’ sick leave ordinance:

 –If the employer chooses to provide sick leave using the “lump sum method,” the minimum amount of sick leave that must be provided is 48 hours per year, rather than 24 hours per year under the CA law.

–Under the lump sum method, sick leave that is not used in the year must carry forward from year to year, rather than be “use it or lose it” under the CA law.

–Under the “accrual method,” the L.A. ordinance has increased the “usage cap” from 24 hours per year to 48 hours per year.

–The accrual cap, under both the lump sum and accrual methods, is 72 hours, rather than 48 hours under the CA law (and, under CA law, the cap only applies under the accrual method).

–The L.A. ordinance provides for a per-violation penalty of $120 for each employee per day.

If you employ workers in the City of Los Angeles, this ordinance applies to you.  There are no small-business or non-profit exceptions in the Ordinance.  If you employ workers in the City of Los Angeles, you likely will need to modify your sick leave policy to comply with the new law.

–Adam K. Treiger